Doseo is active in technology research and contributes to the development of new ionizing radiation detection systems. Our researchers’ knowledge of instrumentation is crucial to design effective, robust, and accurate dosimeters for use in medicine, radiation protection, and industry.

Our two main R&D topics are synthetic diamond detectors and OSL-FO (optically-stimulated luminescence fiber optics).

Diamond detectors for external radiotherapy

Due to its specific intrinsic properties, synthetic diamond presents a number of advantages for use in dosimetry and, especially, for measuring doses delivered by complex beams. Diamond is a wide-gap material; it is dense and tissue-equivalent. The material also boasts high resistivity and can withstand exposure to radiation. These properties enable diamond dosimeter fabrication with small active volumes and high sensitivity dedicated to small beam measurements.

Researchers at Doseo have contributed to several R&D projects with the ultimate goal of developing a diamond dosimeter capable of providing precision dose measurements in challenging conditions (stereotactic radiotherapy , IMRT) and implementing the dosimeter in clinical practice.

OSL-FO dosimetry for external radiotherapy and brachytherapy

We have worked on several OSL-FO (optically-stimulated luminescence fiber optics) projects involving both external radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

In external radiotherapy, OSL-FO can be used for in vivo dosimetry after each treatment, with measurements taken at several points throughout the patient’s body. The method can also be used to track patient treatment and identify anything abnormal. The sensors are read and reinitialized using an optical stimulation (a laser) connected by optical fibers. A multichannel (16) measurement unit, user-friendly software, and sensors have been developed and tested by CEA LIST. The OSL sensors and system have come through preclinical testing in collaboration with one of our partner cancer institutes, Gustave Roussy.

In brachytherapy, CEA LIST has drawn upon its substantial experience with OSL-FO to design, produce, and test optical fiber catheters connected to multichannel instrumentation for dosimetry applications. The catheters have been validated from a metrological standpoint (by LNHB) and have come through preclinical testing in collaboration with the Léon Bérard cancer center, one of our partners.


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We develop image-processing algorithms for multimodal imaging.