Partnerships and joint projects

One of Doseo’s missions is to open its doors to and build relationships with and between all radiotherapy stakeholders. Cooperation takes the form of partnerships between CEA LIST R&D scientists and technicians and manufacturing companies, academic institutions, and treatment centers.

These partnerships are designed to transfer new technology to businesses; speed the innovation process by leveraging diverse know-how from various disciplines; and take into account the viewpoints of end users, whose recommendations and approvals are vital to the process.

Industrial partners

The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) contributes to industrial and economic growth through R&D partnerships that help businesses develop innovative products and processes. Currently, the CEA is running R&D partnerships at Doseo with AQUILAB, RTC, esprimed, Elekta, and Dosisoft.

AQUILAB is a French SME, market leader in quality assurance software solutions for radiotherapy and medical imaging equipment. DOSEO teams collaborate with AQUILAB on the qualification of a new technique allowing to estimate, from images acquired by the portal imager embedded on the accelerator, the equivalent dose absorbed in water under the reference conditions.The purpose of this technique is to replace the use of the water tank, which is necessary for the carrying out of regulatory quality controls, by a method that is both faster and easier to set up.

RTC (Radiation Therapy Consulting)
RTC offers its expertise to radiotherapy centers in many fields such as optimization of practices, implementation of new treatment techniques or radiation protection.The research carried out by the DOSEO teams for this company focuses on the development of a software to optimize quality control for new treatments using the intensity modulated radiation therapy.

Doseo’s partnership with esprimed, a French company specializing in radioprotection and medical imaging, focuses on:

  • Designing and developing software and other tools for ionizing-radiation-based medical imaging to improve patient care
  • Developing dose calculation software leveraging statistical methods applied to ionizing-radiation-based medical imaging to determine with precision the dose delivered to the patient and the dose delivered to organs
  • Developing virtual reality technologies enabling simplified (or real-time) dose point or distribution calculation during exposure to ionizing radiation for medical imaging; possible applications concern interventional radiology

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Elekta is a Swedish company specializing in the design and manufacturing of external radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and neuroscience equipment; the company’s R&D partnership with Doseo concerns:

  • Software for the complete dosimetric characterization of Elekta’s radiotherapy equipment (accelerators, multileaf collimators, and EPIDs)
  • Training for medical staff and Elekta customers leveraging Doseo’s lab facilities

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Dosisoft and the CEA have several joint R&D projects to develop software for enhanced radiotherapy safety and security. Dosisoft is a French company specializing in radiotherapy treatment planning systems and quality assurance software solutions.

Academic and clinical partners

CEA researchers are engaged in joint R&D projects with a number of academic and clinical partners.

Academic partners

  • CEA-DRF, the fundamental research division of the CEA, and Frédéric-Joliot Hospital in Orsay, France
  • IRSN, France’s national radioprotection and nuclear safety institute
  • The radiation epidemiology lab of the population health and epidemiology center at INSERM (France’s national health and medical research institute)
  • Nice Sophia Antipolis University
  • Paul-Sabatier University
  • Auvergne University
  • Paris-Sud University

Clinical partners

  • Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute (Villejuif)
  • Curie Institute (Paris and Orsay)
  • Oncology Institute of Lorraine, Centre Alexis Vautrin center (Nancy)
  • François Baclesse Center (Caen)
  • Cancer institute of the west, Centre René Gauducheau (Nantes)
  • Léon Bérard Center (Lyon)
  • Eugène Marquis Center (Rennes)
  • Loire-Atlantique Medical Center (Vannes)
  • Jean Perrin Center (Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris)
  • Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris)
  • University Medical Center (Nantes)
  • Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (Marseille)
  • University Medical Center (Grenoble)
  • Oscar Lambret Center (Lille)
  • Antoine-Lacassagne Center (Nice)


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Doseo was founded thanks to financing in part by French national and local governments.