CEA LIST and esprimed SAS partners in medical imaging research and development

Posted on 27 March 2012

CEA LIST and esprimed, a company specializing in radiation protection and medical imaging, have signed a partnership agreement for research in ionizing radiation medical imaging and radioprotection for caregivers.

The partners will develop innovative medical imaging solutions to optimize the radiation doses absorbed by patients and limit the doses received by staff. The partnership also covers training for medical imaging professionals.

The joint research program will first address:

  • Design and development of software and other tools for ionizing radiation medical imaging to optimize patient care (image quality, dose delivered)
  • Development of dose calculation software for ionizing radiation medical imaging to determine the exact dose delivered to the patient and, especially, the doses absorbed by organs
  • Implementation of virtual reality (real-time) technologies for dose calculation and/or distribution under exposure to ionizing radiation; these advances will target interventional radiology

CEA LIST will contribute know-how in developing software used for predictive dose deposition calculation. Research conducted under this partnership will also take advantage of the Doseo technology platform’s innovation, training, and services for radiotherapy and the associated medical imaging technologies.

“This partnership marks a decisive step forward in esprimed’s development strategy,” said esprimed CEO Jérémy Coulot. “Working with CEA LIST will help structure our R&D strategy, much like the R&D partnership we set up in 2011 with the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute. Plus, we have been approved by the Cancer Campus® scientific advisory board and have set up offices at Villejuif Bio Park. All of this gives us a positive, motivating environment in which to ramp up our industrial partnerships. We will soon be in a position to offer innovative, differentiating services to medical imaging departments, especially in the field of interventional radiology, where we have some particularly novel solutions in the works.”

“Beyond transferring the innovative technologies we develop to industrial partners, this partnership is evidence of our strong commitment to developing digital technologies for healthcare, especially for radiotherapy and medical imaging,” said CEA LIST Director Riadh Common.

The partnership complies with the French government’s recommendation to better control the ionizing radiation delivered during medical procedures, deemed a priority by the French Nuclear Safety Authority.


The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a government research institute operating in four major fields: low-carbon energy, information and healthcare technologies, very large research infrastructures, and global security and defense. The institute conducts international-caliber basic research and has earned recognition for its capacity to develop broad, deep knowledge of the fields in which it operates. The CEA runs joint research and development programs with partners from academia and industry. With 16,000 research scientists and staff, the CEA is a major European research organization and is playing an increasing role in the global research arena.

Operating out of a campus in Saclay, near Paris, France, CEA LIST is a CEA Tech institute reporting to the CEA Technology Research Division and specializing in smart digital systems. CEA LIST R&D programs focus on topics with the capacity to help transform the economy and society, from interactive systems (ambient intelligence) and embedded systems (architecture, software, and systems engineering) to sensors and signal processing (industrial control, healthcare, security, and metrology). CEA LIST develops advanced technology and runs tech transfer programs to ensure that its industrial partners can remain competitive on global markets. (www-list.cea.fr).

About esprimed

esprimed offers scientific consulting and services to medical imaging centers to help them with their image quality and radioprotection (patients, workers, the public) issues. Founded in 2009, esprimed is a spinoff of the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in Villejuif, near Paris. (www.esprimed.net).

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